Giltech Appliance Inc.

Please pay attention to the important information below and make sure to go through them all BEFORE submitting the service request.
`We Appreciate your business in advance and here at Giltech Appliance we always try our best to provide the best service possible

Giltech Appliance has changed the way of communication with clients and is no longer answering the phone, receiving or replying to any voicemail unless the calls are from the factory or a home warranty.

All service requests should be through the website at by filling out the form regardless of the source ( Factory or Home warranties) so that we can start processing them on our sid. 

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What you need to know :

1- Factory-Authorized Service Center:
Giltech Appliance is Thermador, Bosch, Gaggenau, and GE Factory Authorized and takes care of all factory warranty issues.

2- Please note that we do provide service only for the cities mentioned below:
San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos( Except 95033), Los Altos(Hills), Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy, and Hollister.
NOTE: If you are not located in our service area, unfortunately, can’t service your appliance repair needs.

3- Brands we service: Giltech Appliance provides service mostly on high-end appliances and most major brands and models such as:
Thermador, Bosch, Gaggenau, GE, Sub Zero, Wolf, Viking, Miele, Jenn-air, Frigidaire, Kitchenaid, DCS, Fisher & Paykel, Dacor, Thor, Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, BlueStar, U-Line, Capital Range.
Note: We are not providing any service for Samsung or other brands that are not listed above.

4- Giltech Appliance provides service only for refrigerators and cooking appliances, however, if you have a Bosch or Thermador dishwasher that is still under factory warranty, will be servicing that as well. That means we DO NOT provide service for any dishwasher that is not under a factory warranty even for those brands mentioned above.

5- Please note that due to the short part supply chain and having trouble getting some parts for certain brands and models, it will take much longer than usual to get the parts and complete your appliance repair needs.

6- Giltech Appliance has changed the way of communication with clients and is no longer answering the phone, receiving, or replying to any voicemail so please DO NOT leave us any voicemail, the only way that clients can get hold of someone at Giltech Appliance is through Text: (408) 466-6941 or Email:

7- Giltech Appliance will be contacting the customers between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. by phone, text, or email and only if there is any question or trying to have the client on the schedule.

8- For easier, faster, and better service, please make sure to have your appliance cleaned and ready for the tech to work on upon arrival. Giltech Appliance does not provide any cleaning or maintenance services.

9- Please make sure to remove everything from the dishwasher, and don’t use the oven or range prior to the appointment in order to have the appliance ready to work upon the technician’s arrival.

10- Please make sure to know where the circuit breaker, main water valve, and main gas valve are located at your property, just in case the tech needs to shut off the power, water, or gas to the appliance or probably to the house.

11- If you have pet/s, please, make sure to have them locked when the technician arrives at your property.

12- The service fee listed on the website is the minimum charge for the tech to show up at your property and is not the diagnosis or service fee which obviously is going to be waived upon the estimate approval.

13-The invoice balance is due to the completion date and Giltech Appliance is NOT billing any customer for a later payment, so please make sure to prepare the method of payment prior to the completion date and time and have it present at the property.

14- The invoice balance is due to the completion date and Giltech Appliance is NOT sending a bill to customers for the later payment, so please make sure to prepare the method of payment prior to the completion date and time.

15- The warranty on all electronic parts is 90 days from the part/s purchase date and the labor warranty is going to be 90 days from the completion date.

16- Giltech Appliance requires all customers to have someone over 18 present at the property for all appointments and services.

17- Giltech Appliance will stop the job at any time if there is any pest or pet damage to the unit and the customer will be charged for the time of service.

18- Giltech Appliance is EPA-certified, fully licensed, and insured and provides service only for refrigerators and cooking appliances.

19- If the price for any parts changes after providing the estimate, Giltech Appliance will inform the customer and will update the estimate with the current prices, and will proceed with the new estimate since that sometimes happens on some backorder parts.

20- For all cancellations, after the parts are ordered, there will be a 25% charge fee that includes (Restocking fee/shipping and handling ) and the cancellation cannot exceed 30 days after the parts were ordered since can’t return the parts anymore.

21- If the client misses the appointment and no one is present upon the technician’s arrival, the client will be charged $100.00

22- If for any reason the check provided by a client was returned, the customer will be responsible for all the return fees on both sides.

23- Giltech Appliance will never use any used parts unless the part is discontinued and has to get a remanufactured one.

24- Giltech Appliance is not charging hourly and all repair services are per project.

25- Giltech Appliance is not going to install any part/s provided by a client and we don’t do any type of appliance installation.

26- After the diagnosis (either in-home or through “StreemPro”), will provide an estimate and upon approval, the service fee will be deducted from the whole invoice then will charge for the deposit to process the part order if needed.

26- While we try our best to be careful during the work not to damage or scratch anything, an accident happens, so If there is any damage, scratch, or anything that possibly technician could have caused, the customer should inform the tech prior to leaving the property and anything reported after that is not going to be Giltech Appliance’s responsibility.

28-  Please make sure to save our number to know who is calling you when we try to reach you.

29- Customers should inform Giltech Appliance if there is any health condition issue or if there is anyone in the household having Flu, Covid, Cold, or something that might put our technician’s health at risk.

30-  All factory warranty jobs regardless of contacting the factory, need to submit the service request and also should have the documents needed, attached otherwise, won’t be able to process their claim.

31-Weather Condition: The service appointment will be canceled due to weather conditions such as heavy rain or wind and you will be rescheduled for the next opening that is available on the calendar.

32-  Customer should inform Giltech Appliance immediately if there is a power outage which makes the job impossible.

33- Giltech Appliance won’t be able to complete the jobs that are having installation issues, such as having a hard time pulling out the unit, bad plumbing work, or bad electrical or electric panel work, so in the event of having these issues, will ask the customer to have a right contractor to assist and solve the issue before continuing the repair.

34- Please make sure to write down our company’s name and the person whom you set and confirm your appointment since it happens that customers confirm multiple appointments with different technicians and different companies and then forget who they confirmed the time with. If we send a technician to your property, means you are going to be charged the minimum service fee regardless.

35- Giltech Appliance is not responsible for anything that is related to a bad installation such as breaking frames, scratching the paint or anything related to an in proper installation so If the technician pulled out the appliance and noticed that something has not been installed properly, won’t install it back and customer need to call the proper contractor in order to complete the safe installation.

36- Giltech Appliance is not going to deal with any installation issue that is going to cause the appliance not to be pulled out as it supposed to. we need to be able to pull out the unit without complications such as frames around the appliances, short cord, glued edges or anything that is going to cause the repair spending more time just because of general contractor or builder customization or cheap installation in the past.