Washer Repair

Are front-loading washers more efficient than top loaders?

Absolutely. In fact, the higher initial cost of a front loader can be recovered in just a few years through water, sewage, drying time, and soap-usage savings.

The water in my washer's warm cycle isn't very warm. Why?

The warm water for your washer is simply a mixture of the hot and cold water available from your home. If the hot water entering the machine isn’t very hot, the warm is actually cool. Also, in northern climates, during winter months, the cold water entering the unit may be significantly colder than in the summer, which causes the warm water to be cooler.

In other cases, the water inlet valve may be restricted, or there may be sediment on the screen, that blocks the input of the hot water.

How can I get rid of residual soap suds at the end of a cycle?

This is an indication that you’re using too much detergent for the size of the load that is being washed. Try reducing the amount of detergent for the size of the load you are typically washing.

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Are you currently experiencing one of these common fridge issues?

  • Lightbulb is out
  • Leaking
  • Frost is built up
  • Strange noises
  • Seal or gasket malfunctioning
  • Water is not dispensing
  • No longer making ice
  • Not cooling

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