Range | Cooktop Repair

Why are the burners on my gas stove slow to light?

On the side of the burner facing the center of the stove, there are air holes that may be clogged. They help the pilot or spark igniter to light the gas. Make sure your range is powered off before attempting to clean out the holes.

How do I clean a glass stovetop?

An easy and inexpensive way is to wipe it down with vinegar, cover it in baking soda, and dampen a towel with hot water, then cover your stove with it. Allow 15 minutes for the baking soda and water to break down any dirt on the surface, then scrub it clean. From there you may scrape off any remaining debris, then polish with vinegar on a damp cloth and buff with a dry towel to return its shine.

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Are you currently experiencing one of these common range or cooktop issues?

  • Not heating properly
  • Smoking
  • Won’t light
  • Heat will not adjust

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