There is a red glow in my oven, but it isn't heating. Why?

Most modern gas ovens and many broilers use a “glow-bar” style of igniter that glows red-hot to ignite the gas. If the igniter doesn’t reach the proper temperature, the gas valve won’t open. You may need to replace the igniter.

Can I use my oven to heat my home?

Absolutely not. Ovens are designed to heat food only. Ovens emit small amounts of carbon monoxide which doesn’t present a problem for occasional use. However, if you run the burners or oven for an extended period of time the carbon monoxide could build up and become dangerous.

Why won't my clock keep the correct time?

If your clock continually gains or loses time, you may have to replace the clock, as they are not repairable.

GilTech Appliance has a team of professional technicians that are highly trained to fix a range of issues you may be experiencing with your oven. Our staff works efficiently, at affordable rates to provide you with the best service possible.

Are you currently experiencing one of these common issues with your oven?

  • Not heating properly or won’t stay to temperature
  • Light isn’t working
  • Won’t self clean
  • Smoking
  • Strange noises

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