Hood Repair

How do I know if my vent hood's filter needs to be cleaned or replaced?

It’s easy to remove the filters and inspect them. By regularly checking the filter, you’ll be able to tell by the particles and grease buildup if cleaning is necessary. If there is any damage to the filter, you’ll need to replace it right away.

My vent hood doesn't get rid of all of the smoke when I cook. What do I do?

Vent hoods are designed to handle a certain amount of smoke produced while cooking. If your entire kitchen is filling with smoke while  you’re cooking then your vent hood may not be designed to handle that amount, and you will need to supplement with additional ventilation and air circulation. Try opening windows and installing a ceiling fan.

My vent doesn't seem to work well. How can I test it?

Turn the stove burners off, and cut an 8×8 inch square of newspaper. Turn on the vent fan and hold the newspaper square over the vent filter, if the vent holds the newspaper in place, your vent hood is most likely working properly. If the paper falls, the hood filter may be clogged- in which case you could clean it and preform the test again.

GilTech Appliance has a team of professional technicians that are highly trained to fix a range of issues you may be experiencing with your hood. Our staff works efficiently, at affordable rates to provide you with the best service possible.

Are you currently experiencing one of these common issues with your hood?

  • Motor is humming
  • Light isn’t working
  • Keypad doesn’t work
  • Won’t vent outside

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