Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes before putting them into my dishwasher?

You should scrape off any excess food, but as long as you load the dishes soon after use, there shouldn’t be any need to pre-rinse. Most dishwashers are meant to wash away food particles. The only time you should need to wash off or soak your dishes before hand is if they have been left sitting out for a few hours, or overnight.

My cups and glasses are coming out spotty, cloudy and filmy. What should I do?

There are several reasons this could be happening. Cloudiness is a sign of glass corrosion. This happens when you are using too much detergent inside your dishwasher. You could also have hard water, if this is the case you may test your water with a kit that may be purchased at a home improvement store. If you do have hard water, you may need a water softener. Lastly there could be a water flow restriction, in which case repairs are needed.

For spotting, try using the heated dry cycle, or add a rinse-aid to your dishwasher.

There's always water at the bottom of my dishwasher. Why isn't it draining completely?

Dishwashers don’t drain completely. Having a bit of water left in your dishwasher ensures that your seals and pumps remain moist. If they dry out, it could lead to leaks and repairs will be necessary.

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Are you currently experiencing one of these common problems with your dishwasher?

  • Not running
  • Dishes aren’t drying
  • No water entering the dishwasher
  • Strange noises
  • Detergent not being dispensed
  • Leaking
  • Bad smells
  • Dishes aren’t clean

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